Tyler Becks

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Who is Tyler Becks?

He loves to challenge the status quo. He hates horseradish (yes, wasabi too). He is a fullstack engineer that’s savvy with React, JavaScript, and Python. He's been working in the San Francisco startup scene since 2016 and is now the lead feature developer at Smarking (YC 2015). Born and raised in LA 🌴, now in SF 🤓. As an avid traveler, he is bilingual, lived on three continents, and traveled to over 30 countries.

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Smarking Projects

Smarking occupancy data chart

Data Visualization

The bread and butter of the dashboard. Here, customers can analyze their occupancy, revenue, and duration data. They can slice and dice the data by time, type of parker, peak vs. average, etc. We used the amCharts library for the visualization and layered many features on top, such as last year comparison, adding annotations, downloading the chart and data, and an in-house legend with customizable colors.

JavaScript (ES6)ReactReduxCoffeeScriptPythonFlaskPostgreSQLStylus
Smarking alerts creation modal


Alerts and anomaly detection alert users when occupancy exceeds a specified threshold. Users can choose to receive alerts via email or text. We used Mandrill for email alerts and Twilio for text alerts.

JavaScript (ES6)ReactReduxCoffeeScriptPythonFlaskPostgreSQLStylus
Smkarking oversell tool


This tool helps customers make informed decisions on how to properly oversell particular groups of their tenants/parkers. Based on each group’s historical usage patterns, the tool calculates the ideal oversell percentage.

JavaScript (ES6)ReactReduxCoffeeScriptPythonFlaskPostgreSQLStylus

Personal Projects

reddit dating app signup flow


I built this dating app to match users based on common subreddit interests. Users sign up with a Reddit account and feed our database with their stats and trends from Reddit. It was my first time creating a recommendation engine, which led to my discovery of the graph database, Neo4j. The first algorithm created links between users that followed the same subreddit. On the next iteration, I optimized the query to prioritize uncommon subreddits and users that previously "liked" another user. I built the frontend with React and cached user data in Redux. To optimize the system architecture for scalability, I broke out a microservice to store user data in a PostgreSQL database.

hoarders game-play demo


Pokemon Go gave me the inspiration to create a game that would encourage people to get outside. In Hoarders, the goal is to collect coins around the city by getting within physical range and banking them at your home base. I used the browser's geolocation API to track and update player coordinates. I also enabled multiplayer functionality by streaming player locations with Socket.io.

ReactHTML5CSS3NodeJSExpressJSMongoDBSocket.ioGoogle Maps API
eatup dashboard


A great meal comes with great company. EatUp solves the problem of eating alone. On EatUp, users can create new "EatUp" events by selecting a restaurant from the Google Places API and posting it to the site. When a user wants to join an EatUp, the results displayed on the dashboard are filtered based on the user's location. I used React to build the frontend components, Node and Express for the backend, and MySQL to store all the user data and content.

ReactHTML5CSS3NodeJSExpressJSMySQLGoogle Maps API
pandora's box question page

Pandora's Box

Many stories go untold because they never find the appropriate time and place. I built Pandora's Box to give people a place to share their interesting stories in a non-judgmental community. Designed with a mobile-first approach in Angular and the backend is Node and Express. I used MongoDB to store anonymous user responses.